so you can maintain a clean home without losing your sanity


  • Carve out time for cleaning your home
  • Find motivation to clean your home 
  • Get your kids to help clean and remember to pick up their socks and empty the trash can
  • Tackle the tough cleaning jobs 
  • Break down cleaning into manageable tasks
messy living room

You love scrolling social media and looking at all the pictures of clean and tidy kitchens and living rooms but then you look up and all you see are the toys scattered about, shoes covering the floor, papers all over the table, cereal bowls left on every surface and figure it’s easier to just go lock yourself in your bedroom…

Because let’s be real, there’s the kids, the dogs, the cats, social media all screaming for your attention so you never get sh$t done. Because when the dog needs to go out and your son was screaming because he dropped his toy car in the toilet and you had to go fish it out but the dog was barking because he still needed to go out and you happened to glance at the clock and it was 5pm and you had no plans for dinner

And while you dream of hiring a house cleaner let’s be real, between the expense and you KNOW you’ll still have to clean up before they come…it’s just not worth it.  Besides, there’s day-to-day cleaning that needs to be done so your home doesn’t look like a garbage pit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if cleaning wasn’t just up to you. Like if you could just get your kids (and your spouse) to actually clean their rooms THE RIGHT WAY? You know, like remembering all the crap under the bed and to empty the trash can and not just making things ‘clean enough’?

Like for real, I’m talking about every sock and every piece of underwear and actually doing some dusting?

bundle of printable pages about how to keep your home clean

Introducing…Busy Gals Guide to Getting Sh$t Done...the Cleaning Sheets

so you can maintain a clean home without losing your sanity

Imagine having a clean house that's easy to maintain and actually so easy, you can get your family involved.


Cleaning Bundle

Your home becomes peaceful when you go from chaos to calm.


  • daily/weekly/monthly task lists
  • step-by-step cleaning instructions for the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms
  • cleaning chores by age
  • helper sheets for the little kids
  • stain removal quick guide
  • spring cleaning calendar
  • fall cleaning calendar 
cleaning printables on different device screens


These cleaning sheets are for you if…

  • You are tired of the constant mess that is your home
  • You want to give your kids or spouse a step by step checklist so they can clean up  
  • You don’t have hours to spend cleaning
  • You want to stay ahead of the messes

These cleaning sheets are NOT for you if…

  • Your home looks like it belongs on the cover of Real Simple Magazine
  • You have a live in maid
  • Your kids and spouse love to clean the house while you relax on the couch



  • You could have drop in guests over without being embarrassed by your messy house
  • You never had to devote hours of your day to cleaning
  • Your kids could help and ‘do it right’ without you hovering
  • You could enjoy sitting in the living room not feeling stressed out about what you ‘should’ be doing

See what users are saying...

I really enjoyed the bundle! I love that you have it set up to be laminated and reused over and over. The sheets for young kids are amazing and will be implemented ASAP in my house. This bundle is great for year round, and perfect for a busy mom.

After years of being embarrassed when someone stopped over unexpectedly, of feeling like all my friends ‘had it together’ and I didn’t, of my home always looking like a tornado had gone through, I needed to ‘get it together’ but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it without carving out hours of the day to clean.  An honestly, who wants to do that?

I had some ideas of what would help me and I asked a few friends what struggles they were having and the cleaning bundle was born.

Now I know what needs to be done daily, weekly and monthly to maintain a clean home and I’m not spending hours doing it. I post the Quick Clean and the Daily & Weekly Task sheet on the refrigerator for the family to see.  

The Quick Clean Sheet can also be turned into a ‘mom what can I do to earn some money’ sheet.

The room cleaning instructions sheets get handed to my kids so it gets done right and I don’t have to go back and redo it! 

bundle of printable pages about how to keep your home clean

Imagine having a clean house that you're not spending hours on that's easy to maintain and get the family helping with.


This Cleaning Printable Bundle is a must-have for busy women! When I find myself with 10 or 20 minutes, I pick an activity off the Quick Clean sheet and get to work. The chores by age chart is perfect for moms raising responsible children and having a checklist for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks is just what my family needed. Thanks so much for this bundle!


There’s a constant struggle between how mom wants cleaning done and how the family does it. The Cleaning Cheat Sheets take all the guess work out so your family knows exactly what to clean and how to clean it.

Nope, there are sheets included for even the little ones who aren’t reading yet.

Nope, cleaning a home is a life skill and all kids need to help out.

Everything is spelled out, there’s no room for confusion.

As soon as your payment is approved, you’ll receive (at the email address used for checkout) a link to download the bundle.

Due to the digital nature of this, I am unable to offer any refunds.

I’m happy to answer an and all questions, just shoot me an email at [email protected]


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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